ZOOM Elite

Nike has designed and manufactured the world’s fastest running shoe Nike Zoom to power your miles with lightweight, highly responsive cushioning, supportive fit and excellent traction. In essence it keeps you moving fast, but how do you visually represent the concept of speed? This was the question posed to us when we were commissioned to create visual content for an exclusive, interactive trial experience for Nike in-store that excites runners to “Find Their Fast”. 

Our concept was based around a series of visual metaphors for speed, acceleration and velocity merging seamlessly with the physical interaction presented to the consumer. 

Launched in Nike Town, London, the experience allowed consumers to trial the new Zoom Elite shoe and become part of the Zoom DNA. Upon entering you choose your Zoom and then you get to try out your pace on an interactive treadmill where the visual content we created is reactive to the speed of the runner: the faster you go the more the content increases in intensity, complexity and movement. All in all creating a fully immersive and interactive experience that focuses on not only the leading product, but also the consumer that likes the brand as much as we do.

Zoom State

Trial State

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